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    1. Malaysia Uniform Ready Made

      Duo Express is a uniform and t-shirt supplier company. Our main office is located in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor, Malaysia.

      We specialized in ready-made & custom made corporate/office uniform, factory uniform, medical uniform, spa uniform, resort uniform, F&B uniform, chef uniform, warehousing uniform, housekeeping uniform, Labcoat, scrub suit, scrub pant ,workers jacket, security vest, roundneck t-shirt, collar T-Shirt, raglan, F1 Uniform, children uniform, school uniform, tertiary uniform, hat, cap, bandana, jacket, blazer, windbreaker, apron and etc.

      Visit us at www.duoexpress.com.my
      Apron 6 products
      Baseball Cap 15 products
      Medical Uniform 2 products
      Pants 1 products
      Sport Pants 1 products
      Sport Vest 1 products
      Sports Jersey 7 products
      Sports Track Suit 2 products
      Worker Overall 2 products
      Others 2 products

      Official Website: www.duoexpress.com.my

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