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    1. Malaysia Uniform Custom Made

      Duo Express is a uniform and t-shirt supplier company. Our main office is located in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor, Malaysia.

      We specialized in ready-made & custom made corporate/office uniform, factory uniform, medical uniform, spa uniform, resort uniform, F&B uniform, chef uniform, warehousing uniform, housekeeping uniform, Labcoat, scrub suit, scrub pant ,workers jacket, security vest, roundneck t-shirt, collar T-Shirt, raglan, F1 Uniform, children uniform, school uniform, tertiary uniform, hat, cap, bandana, jacket, blazer, windbreaker, apron and etc.

      Visit us at www.duoexpress.com.my
      Apron 85 products
      Chef Uniform 81 products
      F1 Corporate Shirt 87 products
      Polo T-Shirt 98 products
      Roundneck T-Shirt 20 products
      T-Shirt Design 15 products
      Medical Scrub 43 products
      Hoodie 14 products
      Coverall Cleanroom 11 products
      Executive Jacket 2 products
      Pants 4 products
      School Track Suit 2 products
      School Uniform 7 products
      University Gown 1 products

      Official Website: www.duoexpress.com.my

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